Dig Sector 2 is complete!


Sector 2 of The Dig is complete as of 7/7/2016!  In this sector we uncovered 121* cells.

Check out our all the cells we found in our “Dig Sector 2” Facebook album.  Quite an interesting variety of colors and shapes!

One of Sector 2’s Bipolar Fields. Look at those cute little bipolars grow!

To celebrate we’re hosting an extra 121 minute Happy Hour on 7/8/16 at 4 PM ET, right after the usual HH. Regular HH bonuses apply.

Now let’s get ready for Sector 3!  We’re flying through sectors at lightning speed.  Keep it going!  For Science!

*Update 4/9/20: Due to a clerical error, 118 cells were actually completed in this Sector.

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