Cracking down on cheating: no competition prizes for poor sportsmanship

Greetings EyeWirers!

We’ve heard some complaints recently that some players are not playing within the spirit of EyeWire, but instead submitting unfinished cubes in order to quickly gain points.  We would like to remind all of our players of the mission of EyeWire: a game where people come together to make scientific gains.  Submitting unfinished cubes with the goal of quickly accruing points is not within the spirit of our game.  And since our game is based on consensus, playing in this way not only slows down the scientific process, it also hurts other players who are playing fairly.


Going forward, anyone caught manipulating the system may be removed from any and all competitions including ones with KT prizes.  HQ may also choose to temporarily suspend your account.

We would also like to thank our great community and all players who come to EyeWire with the purpose of furthering our collective scientific knowledge.

For science!

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