Countdown to Neuropia: Phase 2 Complete!

Congratulations Eyewirers!  With all your hard work we’ve completed Phase 2 of the Countdown to Neuropia!

You can track our progress towards the Countdown to Neuropia here!

EyeWire Phases Countdown to Neuropia
Phase 2, a 100×100 micron area seen here in green, is now complete!

Phase 1 was completed on November 19th, 2014.  We managed to make it through Phase 2 in just a little over 3 months!

Mystery 185, one of the cells mapped in Eyewire during Phase 2.

Phase 2 focused on a 100 x 100 micron square in GCL containing a total of 79 neurons. 16 of these Neurons were completed by Eyewirers before the countdown began, leaving a total of 63 completed during Phase 2 of the countdown.  Great job everyone!

Now it’s time for the final phase of the countdown, Phase 3, which includes 242 neurons within a 200 x 200 micron area!  We’ve already mapped 84 of these neurons, which means there are 158 left to go.  It’s a big job, but we know you guys can do it!

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