Cell type 1no has a new name – Introducing Aletheia!

neuron naming, aletheia, 1no

The results are in for our latest neuron naming contest! The cell type known as type 1no will henceforth be called Aletheia! This name was nominated by Eyewirer Nseraf.

Aletheia is a Greek word translated as “the state of not being hidden; the state of being evident.” It can more succinctly be translated to mean “reality,” “disclosure,” or  “truth”.

According to Greek mythology, Aletheia was a spirit or goddess of truth and sincerity. The Titan god Prometheus decided to create Aletheia so that she could regulate the decisions of humankind. According to some, Aletheia was also the daughter of Zeus.

You can view examples of Aletheia neurons in the Museum.

Next Up: Type 1ni

If you played at least 50 cubes between October 2014 and August 2015, you will be able to vote on the name for our next cell type, type 1ni. Read more about the cells you helped discover here!

neuron naming, aletheia, 1no