Camp Eyewire: Awards!

Thanks for coming to Camp Eyewire!  We hope you’ve had a great summer so far!  Here is a list of all our campers and the camp merits they’ve received this year.

If you made it to the top of any leaderboard watch out for an email detailing how to claim your Camp EyeWire swag.  You can read on or see the full score sheet (including who won what) here.

UPDATE 8/4 We realized that we miscalculated some of the scores for the Accuracy Happy Hour.  Originally we only counted people who’d done more than 30 cubes, instead of 20 cubes.  We fixed our mistake, and updated the listings.  Check it out below, or  here.  The people in purple are the people we missed.  We’re honoring all the swag we already awarded, and are awarding a bit more to the two people we missed in the Accuracy Happy Hours!

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Archery Accuracy Hour



“Cubes from Beyond the Crypt”


Survival Trivia


S’more Challenge


Capture the Cell Marathon


All Participants


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