Calling all Mods! New features — /who /warn

Hello mods!  Eyewire has just implemented some great new features that will bring your modding abilities to the next level.

modsbadge, eyewire badge, eyewire/who

Use /who USERNAME to bring up a list of information about a given user.

Available to all users:

  • User’s level
  • User’s role (mod, scout, scythe etc.)
  • Whether the user is online, and what channel they are in

Available only to mods and admins:

  • User’s name changes
  • Moderation record of any warnings/mutings the player received
  • Details on who warned/muted the player and details on why


Use /warn USERNAME message to give any details on why a player was warned or muted.  This information will be saved to the Moderation record available to all mods and admins.

Thanks to all our Mods for being a great part of the Eyewire community!  Enjoy these new features!

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