Black Weekend Rewards

grim reaper eyewire merger the huntI have been pleased to see you, my faithful minions, spending your time tracing my neurons rather than shopping for deals on trinkets, baubles and bright, holiday cheer!

Indeed, your work has brought me great joy in darkest part of my heart which includes lowering the cut-off for point doubling to 9,000 points.  I’m sure you’ll find it much more rewarding than a 2-for-1 deal on those itchy, Christmas sweaters.

I have rewarded the following players who earned the requisite number of points:

iridium 81917
a5hm0r 60136
Nseraf 57294
Chainsaw_NL 36150
grizle 34934
jinbean 32079
Begonie 25970
twister6284 23710
rogis1 22958
viegho 19977
tiikerikani 18794
galarun 15718
damocles357 15638
aldof 14560
lilmoo 13416
jtowntex 13067
alexey 11618
marhav 11330
lobusparietalis 10677
greglanders 10214
chickleodeon 9977
addieye 9744
rinda 9669
Kargoneth 9066

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