Beta Test: Notifications

notifications, eyewire, uiHi Eyewirers!

We’re excited to invite you to beta test a big new feature: Notifications! The MVP (minimum viable product) consists of five notification types: one for each category of competitions (HH, versus, marathon) and two for custom text-based notifications, one with image and one without. We’ll also be testing individual notifications and notifications to different classes of players. Future versions of notifications will expand to show you personalized stats like retro trailblaze points and bonus points won.

This Tuesday, May 29, we will host two beta testing sessions.

  • First session:  11-11:30 am US ET
  • Second session: 8-8:30 pm US ET

You are welcome to pop online any time on Tues, May 29; however, the notifications will be concentrated during the windows listed above. An admin will be online during both scheduled sessions.

To participate:

Visit in an incognito window (open an incognito window with keyboard command Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+N with Chrome open). It works best in Google Chrome and will not work if you do not use incognito.

Please do not visit the test server before Tuesday as we are still making adjustments and we would like the beta test to be the first time you see the notifications interface.  We can see if you’re online so just don’t do it.

After you visit the test server and in order to get the beta testing badge, we would appreciateit if you filled out this feedback form.

Hope you like this feature as much as we do!