Archery Accuracy Hours

Hi campers!  Welcome to Archery Accuracy Hours.


Archery is an ancient sport, leading as far back as the Paleolithic era.  It’s also a classic camp activity, and one we are proud to bring to Camp Eyewire!

The goal is simple: you have 2 hours to hit your bullseye by being the most accurate Eyewire tracer.  Regular Happy Hour bonuses will apply, with the addition of special bonuses for the most accurate campers.

Archery Accuracy Hours will run from Fri, July 24, 2015, 2pm ET — 4pm ET, with a second session from 10:00pm – 12:00am ET on the same day.

**You do not have to play both sessions.  If you do play during both sessions we will count your highest accuracy.

Here’s a little archery inspiration to get you motivated:

Ready, aim, shoot!


Most accurate: t-shirt — including limited edition Camp EyeWire shirt
Top 5 most accurate: A signed copy of Sebastian Seung’s “Connectome” + EyeWire S’more Kit

1st Place Accuracy – 10,000 points
2nd Place Accuracy – 8,000 points
3rd Place Accuracy – 6,000 points
Achieve 95% Accuracy – 5,000 points
Achieve 90% Accuracy – 3,000 points
Achieve 80% Accuracy – 2,000 points
Under 80% Accuracy — 1,000 points

**You must play at least 20 cubes to get an accuracy bonus.

(These bonus thresholds are non-cumulative, i.e. they will not combine. If you earn 3rd place, for instance, and presumably got over 95% accuracy, you still earn a 6,000 point bonus, not 11,000.)

A few notes for promoted players

Mentors: You are still allowed to mentor people during these time windows. Please just use your best judgment as to whether someone is asking you for basic newbie help vs. trying to have you boost their accuracy on cube after cube.

Scythes: Please avoid scything during these time windows. Even though accuracy for this will be retroactively calculated, we would prefer to go with accuracy based on pure gameplay and avoid accuracy inflation caused by scything your own or others’ cubes.

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