Amacrine Adventures: Search for the Golden Soma Part II

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It’s been nearly a month since that fortuitous day that ye hath been smiled upon by the ole sea spirits. Yer trusty compass never did steer ye wrong, and this be no exception! So far the journey has been smooth sailing, with the jolly roger waving merrily in the sea breeze as ye venture forward along yer route.

So far an amazing bounty of 25 Loots and 18 Treasures have been plundered by the S.S. Amacrina! Yer crew is getting more and more well known around these parts as a fierce and ruthless bunch.

But the bounties are dwindling around here and ye have eyes upon new territories where the riches grow even more vast.

The Captain agrees. Ye have become a trusted confidant of ole’ Cap these days, who gives ye every word a serious consideration.

The ship is steered towards the BP Trading Post so ye may stock up fer the next leg of yer journey.

As the crew makes some healthy barters for supplies – with only a dash of intimidation and slight o’ hand – ye set out fer the nearest pub. Tis Happy Hour round these parts, and ye feel quite happy indeed!

The barkeep sets you up with a somewhat malodorous pint of grog, but after so many days at sea it tastes like a bit o’ heaven.

Suddenly, ye feel a strange tap at yer shoulder. Ye pivot around and are faced with a very strange looking sea farer indeed.

“Oye” she says. “Ye be th’ captain of the S.S. Amacrina aye?”

Ye shake ye head. “Only a buccaneer, but I’ve got th’ captains’ ear if ye need a message delivered.”

She looks on at ye a bit suspicious like but says that time is short and she must be movin’ along so there’s nary a minute to waste.

She slips ye a small metal box with a fanciful design adornin’ th’ lid. “Ye didn’t get this from me,” she whispers, and then before ye can blink twice, she melts back into th’ surroundin’ shadows.

Ye try t’ lift the lid but it won’t budge. Ye slam it down upon the counter with a sonorous bang. A few angry faces glare up at ye, but still no movement on th’ box.

After tinkerin’, prayin’, pleadin’ and many creative attempts at brute force ye are nearly ready to give up. Ye put the box aside and unfurl the first part of the map once more. With a great sigh, ye wonder if ye shall ever lay eyes upon ole Cap’n Grim’s treasure! Or perhaps ye’ve already seen the pinnacle of a great adventure. Ye did have a raucous good time thus far, it be true!

Suddenly, a gasp releases itself from yer throat. Ye pivot the map sideways and notice, it looks strikingly similar to the top of this accursed box!

Ye line up the symbols, work a little dexterous magic (those lock pickin’ skills come in handy once more!), and suddenly – there it be!

A new map fragment!

amacrine adventures, map, treasure, fun, science

“You’ve come so far, but there’s farther to go! The next obstacles won’t make it easy, you know. A Neuroctopus lurks in water darkened like soot, and the wicked Merger Mountains you must face on foot.”

Ye pause for a moment. Sounds a bit more perilous than ye may have hoped fer. But then the moment passes. Grim’s treasure calls to ye, and the call cannot be ignored. Onward and upward, the future awaits!

We’ve made it to the North East corner of our map! More cells await us in this part of the amacrine world that cannot be ignored! Once we’ve found all of them we can journey forth to the next leg of our adventure! Let’s see what we can find!