A Call to Trace

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Attention fellow Eyewirers! The Seung Lab at Princeton University is currently looking to hire tracers to join our team on campus as image analysts.

The work is similar to the challenges of Eyewire, with lots of 3D neuron reconstruction. But additional tasks vary from training our artificial intelligence to working hand-in-hand with our development team testing new lab software and tracing methods. No extensive scientific background is required, the job is on location in Princeton, New Jersey, and the team is about as rad as you can get.

So think you’ve got what it takes to be a Titan of Tracing? Head “HERE” (may need to click link twice) and follow the instructions to apply. Trace on!

The Seung Lab is trying to tease apart the mysteries of neuroscience by leading the charge into connectomics. The team is using the latest techniques in artificial intelligence, computer vision, parallel computing, and crowdsourcing to map every neuron in the brain and all their connections. Read more at our website, seunglab.org.

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