10 Maxims About Your Identity from Sebastian Seung

10 Maxims About Your Identity.

Originally published in 33 Voices.

1.  The brain is awesome in its complexity.

2.  Your connectome will reveal your uniqueness. ( A Hypotheses)

3.  Minds differ because connectomes differ. ( A Hypotheses)

4.  Your connectome changes over time.

5.  Your experiences change your connectome.

6.   What if – you knew the act of thinking can change your connectome? ( A Hypotheses)

7.  Fundamentally we don’t really know how we learn anything.

8.  Neuroscients believe that your memories are encoded in your connectomes.

9.  Evolving technology will enable us to deconstruct and reconstruct our own brains.

10. Brain size is not a good indicator of IQ.

Big Idea:  You are more than your genes.  You are –  your connectome!

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