The EyeWire Games are Complete!

It’s been an epic week on  The EyeWire Games, a social media race to trace neurons, began 7 days ago.  They ended tonight at midnight with a VERY close race between Team X (veterans) and Team Facebook.

We had a BLAST this week playing with you all. Thanks everyone who participated.  This is more than a game — we really have gotten to know you and it’s been wonderfully fun chatting with you on EyeWire and reading your comments on Facebook.

Speaking of FB, per the request of today’s top EyeWirers in chat (and catalyzed by our scoring player of all time @aafenton with over 35,000 points today!) we’ve created a FB group for EyeWire community to keep in touch 🙂   Join here.

We’re furiously tallying cubes, calculating cell volume, searching for mergers and checking work — EyeWire HQ will report back Thursday morning with the winning team.

For now..check out the winnings up for grabs: Naming RIghts to J Cell #1.

The EyeWire Games may be complete but EyeWire carries on.  Keep playing at!

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