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Connectomics Lesson Plan: EyeWire Edu

Background information Connectomics is the study of connectomes, the comprehensive maps of neuronal projections and connections. In order to understand connectomes it …

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EyeWire Chat Commands

Chat commands to improve your EyeWire experience. Korean chat commands. One of the most important features in chat is /pm, a feature …


EyeLearn on EyeWire!

  In 2010, the NIH announced that it would award 40 million to fund the Human Connectome Project. The goal of this …

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EyeWire: On the Shoulders of Giants

Play EyeWire and shine light on one of today’s greatest mysteries: the connectome. Help recruit EyeWirers to map the retinal connectome by sharing this …

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What is a connectome?

What is a connectome, anyway? We asked on Quora and David Zhou, Masters Student at Carnegie Mellon University, answered. A connectome is a wiring diagram of …