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EyeWire Millionaires

Congratulations to the 26 players who have made it into the EyeWire Millionaire’s Club! Who will be next? a5hm0r 8150187 jinbean 6240471 …

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Standard Happy Hours

Happy Hour is an event when you can earn bonus points by reaching different point platforms. EyeWire HQ holds weekly Happy Hour …

100 neurons EyeWire

Happy Celltennial!

Congratulations Eyewirers!  We made it to 100 cells!  We can’t thank you enough for all the hard work you’ve put into Eyewire! …

99 neurons EyeWire

99 cells!

99 Cells complete!  We’re almost in the triple digits!  Great job everyone!  Keep going!  Let’s get to 100!

New Chat Commands!

Good Afternoon Eyewirers! Eyewire HQ is announcing new upgrades to chat commands! To private message someone you can now type /pm followed …

GABA, 3D neurotransmitter

What are the Main Neurotransmitters?

What are main neurotransmitters? Neuroscientist Paul King weighs in via Quora:     There are three main categories of neurotransmitters in the brain: Small molecules …

Pi Day Themed Happy Hour

UPDATE!  We had to change the start time due to a power surge at MIT knocking out all of our servers.  Happy …

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EyeWire Poster Series

Rockstar designer Alex Norton is hard at work on a gorgeous new poster series. This is the first of many. Would you …

Sebastian Seung in Oculus rift

Weekly EyeWire Update (3/10/2014)

This week, the EyeWire Community completed 34,610 cubes, a 22% increase from last week. Together you scored 3,680,168 points. Congrats to @a5hm0r, top player of the …