Mystic: Completed Cells

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Mystics, masters of the zfish universe! Find here a list of the cells you’ve completed. This blog will be updated weekly with the latest cells with shoutouts to the players who mapped them.

If you’re a Scythe who’s ready for your next challenge, you can request a promotion to Mystic class here.

If you are a Mystic, check below to find your name and review the accuracy of any cells you’ve worked on.

Completed Mystic Cells

Rika's Cheer 77231aesanta1kinryuu
Nurro's Accolade 77232Ataniaesanta1
Lina's Discovery 77233KrzysztofKrukrinda/aesanta1
Nurro's Adventure77235kinryuujax123
Lina's Voyage 77239Nserafaesanta1
Syke's Reclamation77240aesanta1Nseraf
Lina's Edict77247jax123frosty
Greer's Lure 77250a5hm0rKrzysztofKruk
Brax's Idealism 77251FrostyKrzysztofKruk
Nurro's Monument77252Manni_MammutNseraf
Greer's Pick 77253Manni_Mammutrinda

How to review a cell: 

  1. Jump to the Cube ID of a cell you completed as Player A/B
  2. Select Scythed Over heatmap
  3. Inspect the cubes shown in green
  4. Hit “R” to turn on Review mode

Note that review mode only works on cells that you completed.

Thanks for your hard work!

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Art by Daniela Gamba.