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Dino Duel: T Rex vs Velociraptor

Dino dash!  Choose your team: T Rex Velociraptor Weapon Powerful jaw and deadly dino breath Stabby, stabby claw and a mouth full …

EyeWIre overview

A Walk Through Eyewire

Watch the video and check out screenshots below for EyeWire 101 Check out more EyeWire tutorial walk-through videos here. EyeWire Overview The …

PBS Learning Media, EyeWire

EyeWire Hangout with PBS | Feb 5

Google Hangout On Air for Students & Educators: I’m Inspired to Innovate! Wednesday, February 5, 2014 at 1:00pm EST | Free event for middle & …

Sebastian Seung and Amy Robinson, Sebastian Seung, Amy Robinson, eyewire, newtonmas

EyeWire’s 1 Year Bday Hangout

That’s a wrap! Check out today’s hangout on air with Sebastian Seung in honor of EyeWire’s 1st birthday. We discussed discovering new …

EyeWire accuracy, Great F-Score in EyeWire, EyeWire, EyeWire profiles

How to get Better at EyeWire

Click your username in the top right corner of EyeWire to bring up your profile and reveal your accuracy. Your accuracy is called …