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analog, digital, dj, spinning, music, science

Analog vs Digital

The battle begins July 13th at 11am ET and runs for 24 hours. In our current world, we use analog and digital …

alligators, Eyewire, citizen science

The Alligators triumph!

Woohoooo! This ferocious battle is complete, and both teams fared well, but there could be only one winner: Team Alligator! Congrats to …

spiders, scorpions, bugs, arachnids, fun, competition, athletic wear

Arachnibattle: Spiders vs Scorpions

It’s a battle of terrifying arachnids!  Who would you rather face?  Web-spinning spiders, or stinging scorpions?  This battle’s a bit of a …

tsunami, Eyewire, citizen science

Congrats to Team Tsunami!

Now that’s how you sweep away the competition! Victory for this VS goes to Team Tsunami. Congratulations to all participants, and enjoy …

volcano vs tsunami, volcano, tsunami, daniela gamba, eyewire, citizen science

Volcano vs. Tsunami

Nobody wants to experience a natural disaster, but from far away, some cataclysmic events can look pretty dang cool. When it comes …

piercings, body modification, Eyewire, citizen science

Body Mod Battle: Results!

Congratulations on a showdown well fought! It appears that Team Piercings has won, but there are bonuses and applause for all. Check …