Voting is Open to Name Ganglion Type 5to!

Today the ballots were sent to 3,000 Eyewirers who contributed at least 50 cubes that led to the discovery of six new types of Ganglion Cells! Right now, players around the world are choosing the official name for a third type of new neuron. The contending names are…

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The first neuron type named by Eyewirers is named Theia, after the Titaness of the shining blue light of the sky. The second is named Hyperion, after the Titan who fathered the Sun. Read about the unfolding legend here.

These were nominated by players who submitted at least 5,000 Cubes during the Countdown to Neuropia (9 Oct, 2014 – 5 Aug, 2015).

The winning name will be announced immediately following Happy Hour at 4 pm US ET on Friday, Nov 30 in chat.