The Dig is Done!

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Congratulations, Eyewirers! The 16th and final sector of The Dig was finished on Friday, April 10 at 4 pm US ET.

The Dig, launched 4 years 2 months and 21 days ago, is now complete!! An astonishing 2,719 neurons were mapped thanks to the cube submission efforts of 27,117 Eyewirers and 129 Scythes. For those Scouts and Scythes who would like to check out any Dig cells via Jump, here is a registry of all the Dig cell IDs and names! Cell breakdown: 43% bipolars, 42% relics and 15% artifacts.

the dig, eyewire

Stats and Stats

Sector 7 was the largest sector with 213 cells. The smallest was Sector 2 with 118 cells. The last sector finished with 201 neurons.

Scouts flagged 8,759 cubes while Scythes reaped an astonishing 523,661 of the 5,117,926 submitted cubes. Over the course of the Dig, there were 268 new Scouts and 81 new Scythes. Nearly 900 million points were won during the Dig: 890,290,331 points to be exact, excluding of course the post-dig Happy Hour.


The Dig Cellebration Grand Happy Hour will run for 45 hours and 19 minutes! The HH to end all HHs will begin Monday at 2:41 PM EDT.

Immense collaboration went into this endeavor. 1,367,676 chat messages, to be exact. The rally “for science!” was called 1,361 times.

What’s next? Not much is known about the cells of the Dig. The lab is now undertaking a thorough literature review and working to cross-reference Eyewire’s reconstructions with known circuitry and cell function. We’re hoping to organize a video hangout with a scientist soon.

We want to give a huge thank you to all the Eyewirers. None of this would be possible without you. As we move into Amacrine Adventures and beyond, we hope you know how cherished you are by Seung Lab. For science!

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