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EyeWire at the Exploratorium

Cognitive Technology, a new exhibit at San Francisco’s Exploratorium, invites visitors to experience the epic intersection of neuroscience, art and design. Opening to …

Sara Kerens, November Midnight Moment, EyeWIre TImes Square

EyeWire takes over Times Square

Blocks and blocks of neurons Three EyeWire animations (neurons mapped by EyeWirers, low poly neurons in space and meltcube) are featured in a month-long Times Square …


EyeWire Laptop Backgrounds

Can’t get enough EyeWire? Enjoy five fresh laptop/desktop backgrounds by our epic designer Alex Norton! Download straight from this post or visit …

brain swag for science eyewire

For Science! EyeWire Swag

Brain Swag is finally here! Beth’s been working round the clock on these amazing designs, which you can order at our new …