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Microworld: Awards

Thanks to all who decided to take a miniature dive into the Microworld! We hope you had a fun time and met …

science, cat, microbiology, microscopic, bacteria

Microworld: Bacterial Marathon

Bacteria are truly the marathoners of the natural world, having existed from very early in the emergence of life on the blue …

nurro, art, cat, trivia

Microworld: Protist Trivia

Protists are the oddballs of the microbio world. They are all Eukaryotes, but other than that they don’t have much in common …

Nurro, Daniela Gamba, Eyewire, citizen science, microbiology

Microworld: Viral Hunt

We’ve all heard a lot about viruses this past year! But what exactly is a virus, and how does it fit into …

science, cat, microbiology, microscope

Microworld: A Tiny Adventure!

Are you a fan of teeny tiny things? Sure you are! That’s why you have such an affinity for Eyewire’s neurons, right? …