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Welcome to Eyewire Academy!

Special Contest: For each event you will receive a pop quiz along with the regular in-game tasks. Quizzes may be taken at …

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August Open Promotions are here!

Greetings Eyewirers! Our next round of open promotions for Scouts, Scythes, Mystics, Mods, and Mentors is approaching! During this time you can fill out the open promotion …

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The Grimch: Trivia

The time to play trivia was coming quite near And the Grimch wanted something to inspire fear. The most dastardly trivia, it …

grimch, christmas, fun, competition, science

The Grimch: Evil Cubes

The Grimch was pondering, thinking hard with his noggin, What mean thing could he make for players who log in? He hatched …

grimch, christmas, fun, competition, science

How the Grimch stole Eyewire

Every player in Eyewire liked tracing a lot, But the reaper, who lived beneath Eyewire, did not. The Grimch hated tracing, the …

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Eyewire Brain Zoo: Primate Trivia

Let’s round the corner to the Primate Sanctuary, where our closest cousins in the animal world will greet us! Primate Trivia Aug …