Submitting an Eyewire Bug Report – 2018

Have you found something that’s just not right…or perhaps Eyewire has catastrophically failed on you? The first step: refresh.

Next, ask in chat. If no one knows the answer and there are no admins on, submit a bug report to with the following information:

  1. Your internet browser (Eyewire runs best on Chrome)
  2. Your operating system (windows, mac, linux etc)
  3. Screenshot of whatever went wrong Eyewire
  4. Screenshot of console log
    1. Open Eyewire and do the action that causes the bug you are concerned about
    2. Open the console log
      1. On Windows: CRTL+SHIFT+J
      2. On Mac: CMD+OPTION+J
    3. Take a screenshot of the Console Log
      1. On Windows: Open the snipping tool
      2. On Mac: SHIFT+CMD+4

This info isn’t all required; however, it will help us diagnose the problem. HQ will respond to your email within 2 business days.