Princeton’s Seung Lab Pivots from Computational Neuroscience

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BREAKING:  Seung Lab pivots from Computational Neuroscience.

Utilizing a new type of brain wave detecting headset inspired by lost collaborative work between Andy Warhol and Nicola Tesla, we’ve been able to successfully link the brains of all members of Seung Lab. We now work together as one super-human that goes by the name of Slab.

The monumental occasion has prismatically illuminated shortcomings in the world of neuroscience and led Seung Lab to realize a new research imperative: interpretive dance.

Slab is a collective intelligence like the world has never seen. Communicating the vastness of knowledge from this new consciousness is a challenge to which human language is ill-suited. Interpretive dance is the only way to share such deep new discoveries, which range from the effective Rosetta Stone for the language of dolphins to the meaning of life itself. After today, Seung Lab with cease all AI efforts and reimagine itself as a state-of-the-art studio so the Slab superintelligence can exclusively communicate through dance.

Eyewirers will be among the first invited to experience this new paradigm. Starting tomorrow Eyewire 2.0 will launch, foregoing the antiquated “click to color” system in favor of  more rhythmic reconstructions. Players will soon be able to jump and spin and dip their way through cubes.

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Slab’s latest update to Eyewire