Scouts’ Log Update: Quickreap and Autolog

We’re updating Scouts’ Log to improve the process of Reaping.

These changes are:

  • A new entry page will pop up every time you reap or flag a cube – Scouts and Scythes no longer need to make an entry before reaping.
  • Dropdown menus for issue flags have been replaced with clickable tags. You can select multiple buttons to indicate multiple issues with a cube.
  • Some unessential information has been removed from the New Entry page.
  • Some of the language for specific issue flags has been changed.
  • A screenshot is now visible in the New Entry page.
  • The old SL icon has been replaced with a scythe.
  • KK’s Quickreap script has been integrated: one click log and reap buttons are now available via official add-on.

Let’s go into more detail about some of these functions.


With one click, you can now log, reap, and set a cube to good, bypassing the popup entirely. Automatic logging categories include: nub, branch, dust, watch/test extension, duplicate, merger, AI merger, and wrong seed.

Additional features deployed from KrzysztofKruk’s Utilities Script are:

  • ability to compact/expand the SL
  • ability to autorefresh the ShowMeMe button
  • addition of the Regrow Seed and Remove Dupes buttons
  • option to show the dataset borders
  • ability to submit using spacebar
  • rotating and zooming inside a cube will no longer affect the position of the cell in overview
  • children’s IDs will appear in-cube when the “Show Children” button is clicked
  • reordering of some buttons in the SL
  • adds “G” as a shortcut to enter and exit a cube

Popups after Reaping and Flagging

Every time you press the “Reap” or “Flag” button the New Entry page will appear. The screenshot of the cube will appear in your entry as it was when you pressed the Reap/Flag button, so make sure you have everything oriented the way you like at the time you press Reap/Flag.

If you do not like the screenshot at the time you press Reap/Flag, you can just click the “X” in the upper right corner of the New Entry page to go back. Your cube will not be reaped/flagged until you actually submit a new entry.

Your cube will also automatically be set to “Good” status upon submission. If the cube is not in its final state and requires a 2nd set of eyes, please set it to “Watch,” “+Scythe” or “+Admin” instead.

This change will ensure that new entries are not forgotten, and will make for an easier reaping experience.

Changes to the New Entry page

We’ve overhauled the New Entry page to make it easier to use and understand.

Change 1: Removal of unessential information

The top of the old log had a number of lines devoted to the cell’s status. This information was interesting, but it meant that the real meat and potatoes of the log was more difficult to focus on. Because of this we’ve decided to remove it, and instead have replaced it with better information and ways to annotate your log entry. Some of this information including weight and complete votes is still visible from the “Cube Details” section of the log.

Change 2: Buttons replace dropdown menus

We’ve replaced the “Issue Flag” dropdown menus with a series of buttons. This change means that you can choose more than one issue at a time, giving a faster, more precise way to log the cell.

We’ve also changed the language of some of these flags. Let’s go over a few of the ones we’ve had questions about:

  • Fused Merger: an AI merger of 2 or more segments that cannot be removed by players
  • Seed Merger: A merger in the seed piece of the cell, which cannot be removed during regular gameplay and must instead by removed by a Scythe or Admin
  • Wrong Seed: the seed in the cube is completely wrong. None of the seed segments belong to this cube
  • Clone dupe: A duplicate created because the cell being played is a duplicate of another existing cell. This is mostly an issue for Mystic cells

Change 3: Screenshot is visible in the New Entry page

IMO this is the best change to the Scouts’ Log! You can now see a preview of the screenshot you took immediately when you start a new entry. As before, you can click the edit button to add annotations to the screenshot. Once you annotate the image, your annotations will show up in the preview image as well! Woohoo!

We also have thumbnail images for each entry in the “Cube Details” section of the log, with a large preview image of the most recent entry made.

Posting from the overview

You can still post from the overview by clicking the “New Entry” button. You can also use the “New Entry” button to make an entry without reaping if you need to, whether in the cube or from overview.

New Icon!

You can now toggle the SL on or off using the Scythe icon at the bottom of the screen.