Mystic Trainings are here!

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Calling all Mystics!  The time you’ve been waiting patiently for is finally here!

We’ll be doing two Mystic trainings to get you up to speed with all the new fun-filled features you’ve received with your Mystic powers.

The first training will be on Thursday, July 13th (that’s this Thursday!) at 11 AM ET.  We suggest you come to this training, as we will be releasing new Mystic cells to players on Thursday at 12 PM ET after the training finishes.

If you cannot make the first training, we will be having a 2nd training on Tuesday, July 18th at 8 PM ET.

In the meantime, please review this FAQ which will help you with troubleshooting for common problems you may encounter with Mystic cells.

Glad to have you all aboard team Mystic! See you soon!

Eyewire HQ

Artwork by Daniela Gamba