Mystic Mode Temporary Database Corruption

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Dear Mystic Players,

We are temporarily halting zebrafish reconstruction. Please play on normal Eyewire cells for the time being.

While attempting to repair the “seg grenade” defect in the Zebrafish dataset, we accidentally corrupted the parent-child relationships of some of those 421 cells. The accident happened due to insufficient testing of the update script. We have two options. The first would be a database rollback to 8am on 2017-10-03, but that would cause the loss of work on both Eyewire and Zebrafish. The second, where we delete the affected cells and patch the information from backups, preserves your progress on unaffected cells. We are planning on going with the second option, making backups along the way.

There were twelve cells affected today that had player contributions dated after the backup: SN-1683860-76201-4, SN-1683860-76201-5, SN-1683873-76201-2, SN-1683896-76201-1, SN-1750403-76201-2, SN-1750404-76201-1, SN-1750404-76201-3, SN-1683954-76201-3, SN-1683984-76201-1, SN-1684004-76201-1, SN-1686876-76210-2, Greer’s Priming, Syke’s Procedure, Lina’s Theory, and Brax’s Mantle

We wholeheartedly apologize to Nseraf, KrzysztofKruk, Kfay, and susi for losing the effort you put into those cells after 8am.

We’ll keep you all informed as we repair this issue. Our gut feeling is that we’ll have this fixed by the end of the week at which time we’ll reopen Mystic.

Thanks for your patience,
Will Silversmith & Chris Jordan