Help celebrate legendary Eyewirer @susi

As many players already know, @susi, one of Eyewirer’s earliest and most prolific players, has passed away. susi was a wonderful, kind player, who liked to celebrate the accomplishments of others with the great art she made from Eyewire neurons. To celebrate her life we are going to put together a collage of images made by the Eyewire community she cared so much about.

We ask Eyewire players to send us images of their own creation. We will put these images together into a collage which we will post to the blog, and also created a printed book to send to susi’s family.

If you would like to participate please read on to find out how.

Collage for @susi

Please send an image of your own creation to with the following specifications:

  • 1 image per person (if you send us more than 1, we will choose 1 to display)
  • Ideally 1000x1000px resolution
  • If possible, add your Eyewire username to the image so we know who it’s from
  • Submit by Friday, November 20th at 10 AM ET

If you are unable to meet some of these specifications due to technological limitations we will still accept your image, but please make an attempt to adhere to them if possible. Square images are easiest for us to work with as they will fit neatly into the collage. You can also email us with any questions.

Some ideas for things to put on your image:

Even if you are not “artistically inclined” you can still add to the collage. Your image can be anything, such as –

  • A digital painting
  • A photo
  • A collage of found images
  • Art that utilizes Eyewire neurons
  • A poem or quote
  • A few of your own words

You can check out the Gallery of Amusements on the forum for image inspiration. You can also download neurons from the Eyewire Museum – Choose your neurons > open the left menu > select “Get Meshes.”

You are also welcome to visit the “In Memoriam: Susi” Eyewire forum thread to read others’ kind words about what susi meant to them and post your own.