Guest Blog: Addressing Mystic Seg Grenades from @Nseraf

Here are player @Nseraf’s suggestions for dealing with seg grenades in Mystic cells.  Please note that our developers are currently working on a fix for this problem, and we may soon have new instructions for you wrt seg grenades.  However, for the moment, please read up on these tips for helping you to most efficiently deal with the headache of seg grenades.

Types of seg(mentation) Gren(ade):

  1. Visible in ov(erview), either as 1 cube with floating segs everywhere, or many different cubes with floating segs.
  2. Not visible as such in ov., shows proper trace but when inspected it’s exploded. And spawns seg gren child cubes. If this is reaped from parent it does not stash, but it stashes all children, both good and bad, sometimes good children are not stashed after reap.


  • If an admin is around call for help (freezing) the seg. Gren. cubes. (You can first try reaping them as stated below if you think you can but if it starts getting out of control holler). And of course stop msty until seg. Gren. is handled either way.
  • If an admin is not around: Stop msty until seg. Gren. is handled.
      1. If the seed is not near wall of cube reap seed only regardless of weight of cube, either msty has traced it and you remove trace (and despawning all bad kids of that cube) or it’s wt 0 and you’re preventing msty from tracing it so no bad cubes.  Reaping at wt 0 seed only won’t give you any retros so no problem there.
      2. If the seed is near wall and/or it’s a huge seed (cb etc) reap empty. Same apply as above.
      3. Whatever you do DO NOT reap from parent what seems to be the correct trace or it will start a stash-unstash cycle in the spawner slowing it down.
      4. Always log one cube per seg. Gren. location as need admin so that admin can later on freeze all of them, no need to log all bad cubes in a seg. Gren location, just one.
  • If one (or more) of the seg grenade cubes is a dupe (with another princeton or mystic) cell/cube:
      1. If you need to reap empty to clear dupe do so.
      2. Always check other cell(s)/cube(s) prior to reaping, if the other cell/cube is also a seg grenade, call for an admin to freeze, if no admin(s) are around reap with above in mind.
      3. If the cube is a multi-dupe (dupe with more than 1 cube) note down all other dupe cube IDs and jump and/or reap (or notify admin(s) if around) all required, otherwise a seg gren now not dupe may start to grow out of control.
      4. If a good trace cube (non seg gren) gets duped out by a seg gren in another cell, the above apply.
  • In case reaping doesn’t work (1k/admin wts/pre-last scythe wins cell)
      1. In new-er cells a mystic can even change a 1k (princeton) wt, but not admin wt etc, in case a reap doesn’t work:
  • If an admin is around ask for help (freeze/reap).
  • If an admin is not around in case of 1k/1m wts try as best to contain problem (with other mystic(s) help if required), and log as need admin, if the problem is getting out of hand email HQ (support and/or direct admin email for faster response).


Thanks @Nseraf!  For Science!