Congratulations to Susi on reaching 50M points!

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Congratulations to @susi on reaching the epic, elusive 50 millionth point in Eyewire! She is the 4th player ever to reach this milestone in Eyewire.

You’ve probably heard of Susi over the years in Eyewire. Not only has she been a staple Eyewire community member since joining in 2013 but she is also to thank for the fabulous swag you can win during the major competitions. Susi also hosted a Swiss Eyewire meetup in 2017 and again in 2019. And you’ve no doubt seen her wonderful congratulatory cards for fellow players when they reach major millionaire milestones.

Susi has played 155,000 cubes and trailblazed over 41,000. Her Scythe counts are nearly off the charts with nearly 90,000 reaps and an impressive 125K completes. Susi is also a prolific Mystic, contributing to 451 zebrafish neurons.

From all of us at Eyewire HQ, thank you for being an integral part of team Eyewire and congratulations on reaching 50 million points!