Celebrating 5 Years of BRAIN Initiative on Capitol Hill

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In 2013, President Obama announced a new endeavor to further neuroscience research in the form of the United States BRAIN Initiative. Sebastian was there at the White House in person. Over the next five years, research surged forward. From genomics to connectomics; whole brain imaging and behavioral studies, the BRAIN Initiative (BRAINI) has catalyzed questions and expedited answers to tough neuroscience questions. Eyewire is honored to be among the recipients of BRAINI funding.

We’re also honored and rather stoked to take off for Washington, DC tomorrow for a special event at the US Capitol building where we will showcase Eyewire and give a sneak peak of Neo. There will be a live demo to legislators, researchers, and partners of the BRAINI on Thursday, April 12 from 5 to 7 pm, US ET. Eyewirers are welcome and encouraged to join this demo via chat!

If anyone is here who isn’t very familiar with Eyewire, check out the card below for a quick summary and head over to eyewire.org to check it out yourself!

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