Amacrine Adventures: Search for the Golden Soma Part V – The Final Chapter!

amacrine adventure, pirate, treasure, nurro, fun, science

Ye have been many a day at sea, as is the life of buccaneer such as yerself. Ye been havin’ wild, fanciful dreams each night, and in the mornin’ ye wake covered in clammy sweat. Ye can only remember bits and bobs from these night phantoms, but they must o’ been adventurous indeed, as yer fellows have been hollerin’ for ye t’ pipe down as ye’ve been disturbin’ their rest.

Ye can feel the itch of Grim’s Treasure in yer very bones. But the Captain has insisted on a bit o’ scavagin’ before ye arrive at yer final destination.

And fortune she has smiled indeed! On yer mission ye have uncovered another 11 Loots and 21 Treasures!

Finally ole Cap calls ye into the captains quarters.

“We’ve uncovered vast fortunes in all this land, and made quite a name for ourselves as a fearsome, willful bunch indeed! In truth I see there are no more treasures to be had here, and we must be movin’ to more plentiful seas.

That is.. save for one bounty. I haven’t the knowledge whether Captain Grim’s Treasure be a truth, a farce, or perhaps a watery snare in which t’ trap us. But I can see the hunger in yer eyes as much as mine, a hunger that can only be satiated by one thing. So onwards to the treasure we must go, and ye me trusty navigator shall point us there.”

This is the moment ye have been waiting upon! Captain Grim’s Treasure! Could it be? Or are ye simply headed towards Davy Jones’ Locker. Never the matter, even if it only be a small ray o’ hope ye know ye must press on. It be yer destiny and ye will take it whatever consequences it may bring.

The next couple days o’ journeying go wonderfully. Clear skies, tail winds, calm seas. It all seems perfect! A little too perfect if yer being honest with yerself. Surely it cannot be this easy t’ get the fortune ye’ve dreamed of fer so long?

The sea spirits agree. Nary an hour since these thoughts made a passage through yer mind the skies begin t’ darken. The wind howls it awful laugh that says “ye be merely o’ flesh and blood and I be the only true navigator here.”

With the blink of an eye suddenly the ship pitches and sways, letting out a mournful groan. The ships crew be running about trying t’ regain control, as the ocean heaves bucketfuls of salt water merrily upon their backs.

The waters suddenly darken t’ a blackness like ye’ve never seen before. The sea is suddenly choppy and strange to the senses, and yer path is completely eradicated. Oh great misfortune! This be the one thing ye’ve been dreadin’ and hopin’ to steer clear of along yer way. The great Black Spill! A cause of destruction and demise for many a sailor before ye, and many a sailor t’ come.

It seems it may be impossible to find yer escape, but somehow, with a lot of quick paced movements and a little touch o’ luck, the sea spits ye out on the other side. Not a pretty sight, and many a splintered segment o’ the lovely ship, but still she holds steady and continues on her journey.

Ye consult yer compass, and unfold yer map, though it be rather soaked with sea water and bleedin’ ink now. As ye squint and try t’ make out which way be north, someone calls out.

“Oy! I see somethin’, there in the distance. Aye, it’s there, no no, more to the right. It’s growin’ in size. Land ho!!!”

Ye turn and ye see it too! A wondrous miracle, it seems t’ rise from the sea where there were only undulatin’ waves one minute before.

An eerie shimmer gleans off it and ye wonder be this real, or be it simply another seafarer’s mirage. But as ye sail forward it grows in size and solidifies in picture.

The ship docks upon the sea, and there is a frenzy as the whole ship’s crew clamors to be the first upon the mysterious land.

The Captain bellows out a fearsome growl and the sailors settle down and make way.

Cap beckons ye t’ follow and eagerly ye follow suit.

Down a blanket of hot sand, through rolling dunes, and finally up a series of knife-like rocks ye reach the entrance to a cave. From a certain angle it looks like the void in the head of a cloaked figure, and a chill runs down yer spine. Should ye turn back? No! Treasure is a maurarder’s only goal.

Press on ye do, and after many a scrape, tumble, and bout with a variance of infernal death creatures, a passage opens up.

There in the middle, on a high rock, a chest awaits ye! It has a complicated series of locks protecting it. As ye touch the first it seems t’ unbend itself immediately, and the rest follow suit. It’s as if it’s been waiting here fer ye t’ fulfill yer great destiny.

Inside, a bevy of treasures the likes of which ye have never laid eyes up before, and never expect t’ again. Huge jewels the size of yer fist, glowing gold pieces with unknown marks, telescopes and compasses much more ornate than anythin’ ye’ve got on board the S.S. Amacrina.

And there in the middle the greatest treasure o’ them all! The Golden Soma! It glows with an unspeakably bright power. Ye feel the fortune o’ being one o’ the few t’ experience it. Such vast riches, and such a rare specimen. Finally, the great search has come to a close and ye have emerged victorious!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Amacrine Adventures, and great work finding all the cells in this area of the dataset! The Golden Soma will be live for 24 hours starting at 4pm ET on Mon, 11/2 if you want a peek at Grim’s great treasure yourself! Play these cubes and win yourself a great fortune – each cube on the Golden Soma is worth 10x points! Great work mateys!

Art be Daniela Gamba and Amy Sterling