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Sweet vs Spicy: Fighting Flavors

Valentine’s Day is almost here and we’ve got an intense flavor battle for all our favorite Eyewirers.  Whether you have a sweet …

neil degrasse tyson, carl sagan, science, astronomy, stars

Carl Sagan vs Neil deGrasse Tyson

Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson are some of today’s most well known and loved scientists. Sagan was an American astronomer who …

analog, digital, dj, spinning, music, science

Analog vs Digital

The battle begins July 13th at 11am ET and runs for 24 hours. In our current world, we use analog and digital …

spiders, scorpions, bugs, arachnids, fun, competition, athletic wear

Arachnibattle: Spiders vs Scorpions

It’s a battle of terrifying arachnids!  Who would you rather face?  Web-spinning spiders, or stinging scorpions?  This battle’s a bit of a …