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Open promotions for October!

Hello fellow Eyewirers! Can’t get enough Eyewire? Get even MORE Eyewire on your Eyewire when you request a promotion to Scout, Scythe, Mentor, …


June Promotions are Coming!

Eyewirers!  It’s your time to shine!  You’ve been building up your skills for months, and now is the time to start showing …

150 neurons in eyewire!

EyeWire Monthly Stats: July 2014

July was a big month for EyeWire — we completed our 150th neuron, four players joined the millionaire’s club, watch mode came back, …

neuron in space circle eyewire, lore of kor, eyewire

Lore of Kor – EyeWire SciFi

It’s time to learn the truth about EyeWire. In a universe not entirely dissimilar from our own, galactic alliances battle for power. …


EyeWire Laptop Backgrounds

Can’t get enough EyeWire? Enjoy five fresh laptop/desktop backgrounds by our epic designer Alex Norton! Download straight from this post or visit …