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Jobs: We’re Hiring

                Build a game to map the brain. Are you a superb software developer trapped …

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EyeWire Countdown to 100K

Today is the final day of Revenge of IFLS on EyeWire. It’s also the beginning of our countdown to 100,000 EyeWirers. EyeWire’s one …

IFLS vs EyeWire Elite, EyeWire, competition, IFLS

Revenge of IFLS

GAME TIME. Can n00bie science fans can beat EyeWire elite? Only one way to find out.. In light of the recent IFLS …

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EyeWire OnFire: Week 3

You’re awesome. The EyeWire community has submitted 80,000 cubes since EyeWire OnFire began on Oct 6. 52,839 (two thirds) of those cubes were starburst. Today we …

zoidberg for eyewire, neuron, futurama

The Zoidberg Neuron

During the Geek Week Games we gave away neuron naming rights to any player who completed over 100 cubes. The votes are …