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EyeWire Laptop Backgrounds

Can’t get enough EyeWire? Enjoy five fresh laptop/desktop backgrounds by our epic designer Alex Norton! Download straight from this post or visit …

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EyeWire Millionaires

Congratulations to the 26 players who have made it into the EyeWire Millionaire’s Club! Who will be next? a5hm0r 8150187 jinbean 6240471 …

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Spontaneous Happy Hours

In honor of the Winter Games, EyeWire HQ will launch several surprise spontaneous happy hours over the next two weeks. You won’t …

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Awesome Neuron Image

GLORIOUS. Gamers helped map these neurons by playing EyeWire.   Credit: Alex Norton, EyeWire, Seung Lab, MIT

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Scout and Scythe Manual

Hello Scouts and Scythes, Congratulations!  You are now an advanced Eyewire player!  The following is a brief introduction and manual to your …

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EyeWire’s 1st Birthday!

Today is EyeWire‘s First Birthday!! And the best bday present ever just happened:  we reached 100,000 players!! It’s been an amazing year! We’ve …

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EyeWire Countdown to 100K

Today is the final day of Revenge of IFLS on EyeWire. It’s also the beginning of our countdown to 100,000 EyeWirers. EyeWire’s one …

IFLS vs EyeWire Elite, EyeWire, competition, IFLS

Revenge of IFLS

GAME TIME. Can n00bie science fans can beat EyeWire elite? Only one way to find out.. In light of the recent IFLS …

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EyeWire OnFire: Winners

It’s been an epic 5 weeks in EyeWire OnFire. Together you completed over 103,000 cubes (67,800 starburst cubes) and 8 starburst neurons. 3,816 new players …