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Dig Sector 3 is complete!

Sector 3 of The Dig is complete as of 9/21/2016! In this sector we uncovered 142 cells. Check out all the cells …

noble gases, Eyewire, citizen science

A win for the Noble Gases!

What upstanding folks you must be. Congratulations to the Noble Gases on their victory, and we hope you had fun during this …

noble gases vs radioactive metals

Noble Gases vs. Radioactive Metals

Eyewirers, it’s time to whip out some chemical combo breakers! Welcome to this week’s VS challenge, where two sections of the Periodic …

sloth, Eyewire, citizen science

Team Sloth gradually triumphs!

It seems the slowest and steadiest in this battle were the moseying mammals! Good job, Team Sloth. Check out the leaderboard, and …

eyewire neurons, BrainVR, 3D neurons, neuron design, r3, eyewire

I wire…For Science!

The following community perspective post was written by Eyewirer r3 and originally appeared on her blog here. —– I was never much of …

Eyewire, citizen science, Summer Olympics

Eyewire Summer Games: Awards

Congratulations, Eyewirers, on our very first Summer Games! We hope you had as much fun as we did. You can view full …