Mystic Tips: Dealing with Duplicates

One thing that happens frequently with Mystic cells is duplication. In this tutorial post we’ll show you how to deal with two different types of common duplicates you’ll run into while playing Mystic cells.

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Type 1: Whole Cell Duplicates

Whole cell duplicates are the most common duplicate type you will come across in Mystic cells.

Part of the goal of tracing the zebrafish cells that make up our current Mystic dataset is to find synapses.  Because of this, cells are often seeded from a found synapse, rather than from a cell body.

Since cells are seeded from branches rather than CBs, often two different seeded branches end up being part of the same cell.  Once the branches grow to a point where they converge, a duplicate cube will be created.

You can tell that you have stumbled upon a full cell duplicate when all or most of the segments appear to be orange in one of the duplicating cubes.

Duplicate cells must be frozen, and unfortunately Mystics do not yet possess this power!  Because of this, you must defer whole cell duplicates to an admin.

To do this, make a cube entry for the bad cube.  Label it as Need Admin/Duplicate using the drop down menus, and note down the cube ID and cube number of the duplicating cell.

The “bad cell” is determined by whichever cell is smaller at the time the duplicate cube is identified.  If the “bad cell” is the one you’re working on, we want to discard it.  Unfortunately the UI doesn’t currently support a way for players to discard a cell.  For the moment please just complete any “bad cell” as player A, then claim and complete as Player B immediately after.  This will push the cell to “Need Admin” where an admin will be able to check and discard the bad cell.  If you are working on the “good cell” you may continue to trace the other branches, and must wait for an admin to fix your duplicate cube before you can declare the cell complete.

Please see the video below for a walkthough for dealing with whole cell duplicate cubes.  Turn on Closed Captioning for instructions.

Type 2: Merger Duplicates

A less common type of duplicate that you may run across in Mystic cells is the merger duplicate.

You’ve probably seen these kinds of duplicates before in regular Eyewire cells, and you will deal with them very similarly as a Mystic player.

These duplicates are created by either an AI or human error merger.  These duplicates occur because a segment (sometimes multiple segments) have been added in two different cells.  Unlike with full cell duplicates, these segments belong to one cell, and have been added erroneously in the other one.

To fix these types of duplicates, you must identify cube with the erroneous segments, and eliminate the mistake.  If the segment contains an AI merger, you will just have to use your best judgement to eliminate the bad segment.

These types of duplicates do not require any freezing of cubes, and therefore can be remedied without admin assistance.  As a Mystic player you have permission to fix merger duplicates in other Mystic cells and in Princeton cells.  You do not need to log these.

Please see the video below for a walkthough for dealing with merger duplicate cubes.  Turn on Closed Captioning for instructions.

Happy tracing!