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sweet, spicy, citizen-science, eyewire, competition

Sweet vs Spicy: Fighting Flavors

Valentine’s Day is almost here and we’ve got an intense flavor battle for all our favorite Eyewirers.  Whether you have a sweet …

Eyewire, citizen science, kaiju

Team Kaiju reigns supreme!

We, for one, welcome our new kaiju overlords. The victory in this VS goes to the kaiju! Well fought, one and all. …

Eyewire, citizen science, mecha, kaiju

Mecha vs. Kaiju: The Epic Throwdown

mecha From Japanese メカ (meka), from an abbreviation of the English mechanical (anime, manga) A large armoured robot on legs, typically controlled …

Eyewire, citizen science, asteroid

Asteroids triumph!

Zoom! That must have been the sound of Team Asteroid hurtling past the finish line. Congratulations to both teams, enjoy your bonuses, …

Eyewire, citizen science

January Marathon: Results!

Very nicely done, Eyewirers. This month’s first cell took 12 hours 45 minutes to complete and the second took 6 hours 45 …

Everest. Mariana Trench, Eyewire, citizen science

Everest vs. Mariana Trench

This one’s for all you adventurers out there! Are you feeling extreme? Starting at 11 AM EST on 1/11 and going for …