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Amy Sterling

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Muller Cells, Glia of the Retina

  Is that Skeletor I see under my microscope? Almost. The glowing creatures from Grim’s Carnival Marathon art are inspired by real cells …

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Neuromonster Coloring Contest Gallery

Congratulations to The Neural Reef for winning the Halloween Neuromonster Coloring Contest! This coloring by Anna-Marie features the Axonal Angler. 1st place: Neural …

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Win Eyewire Brain Swag!

  Map the brain, win free stuff? Yes pls! You can win free Eyewire tees, mugs, and stickers, during the upcoming Grim’s Haunted …

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Neuromonster Coloring Contest!

Did you know that when you’re at a haunted house, the haunting is actually tiny neuromonsters wreaking havoc in your brain? If …

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Happy Birthday Kelv!

On this day, October 12, many moons ago, a baby was born who would one day go on to lead hundreds of …

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New Accuracy-Triggered Notifications

A new set of notifications is now live to welcome new Eyewirers and congratulate accuracy achievements in the game. Notifications will congratulate …