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EyeWire News.

EyeWire has been featured in news media ranging from WIRED to Scientific American.  Here’s the latest.

"Sebastian Seung" "eyewire" "Boston Globe" EyeWire in the news

News: When Sebastian Seung read that each day people around the world spend 600 years collectively playing Angry Birds, he saw not a huge waste, but a big opportunity.

Learn more about EyeWire in the Boston Globe.



"WIRED WORLD in 2013" "Eyewire in the news"


Sebastian Seung writes an article about EyeWire’s citizen science quest to map the connectome for WIRED’s THE WIRED WORLD IN 2013. This annual trend report covers a broad range of topics across eight sections; from science to arts, politics to medicine and culture to the environment.



Brain, EyeWire, EyeWire in the News


M.I.T. scientist Sebastian Seung describes the audacious plan to find the connectome–a map of every single neuron in the brain. Here, he says, is the secret of human identity. Read more in Scientific American.




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