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Join a Live Science Chat with Ashwin

Save the date! Seung Lab postdoc, electron microscope expert, and zebrafish researcher Ashwin Vishwanathan will be hosting a live science chat in …

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Celebrate the National Eye Institute’s 50th Birthday with Vision Science Competitions!

We’re teaming up with the National Eye Institute to host a series of science-themed competitions that will take place between March and October, 2018.  Kick things off with a special Scythe Marathon beginning at 8 am on Monday, March 5. Look for the NEI Marathon cell and race to trace, for the results of this marathon will be on display at an event on Capital Hill in Washington, DC on March 21!

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Surprise Happy Hour

  It’s Martin Luther King day here in America. Today we celebrate equality and progress. Despite the news, the world is actually …

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5 Years of Eyewire

December 10th is Eyewire’s 5th birthday. Five years..I can hardly believe it! It seems like just yesterday that we were planning a launch and …

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Jobs: We’re Hiring

Are you a full stack developer with a passion for games and an interest in the brain? Join a team that is …

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The Eyewire Activity Tracker

Clearly see your accuracy history and click to jump and review any recent cube you’ve played with Activity Tracker.     We’re honored …

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Featured Eyewirer: Yeexzyz

A behind the scenes look at the Eyewire community. Meet the Eyewirers who are mapping the brain. Today’s featured player is @Yeexzyz. Introduce yourself! Hi …